Hitting into a win


The softball team’s record is 2 -5. They were able to get their second win while playing McNicholas High School. The score of the game was 7 -1; this was the first game that they were able to play the full seven innings.

“I was injured for that game so I did not get to play, but I made sure I was able to keep everyone focused and extremely energetic,” freshman Jessica Fehr said.

With Fehr being injured for the game, the roster was switched up and some people were required to play a position that they would not usually play.

The key to winning this game was offense. The team had not been hitting well in their last couple games, but they were able to break that trend in this game.

“What really got the team’s going was when Ellen Martinson hit an in the park home run. After that everyone started hitting,” junior Sydney Love said.

Another thing that really helped the team out was they cut down on errors in the field.

“We were able to play a tight game defensively, which is something we had been lacking in our other games,” sophomore Hannah Young said.

The team’s next game is against Hamilton at home.