Google+ gets new look


Tenbarge, Luke Patrick

Former Senior Vice President Vivek “Vic” Gundotra was head of Google+ but retired in 2014. Soon Google+ will be redesigned by Horowitz. Google+ has not been incredibly successful as a social network but has served a key purpose by creating a unified account that helps Google increase ad revenue. Photo courtesy of MCT Photo.

Google is remodeling Google+ to compete with other social media outlets. The social media app was originally intended to compete with Facebook but never managed to attract many users.

The search giant is remodeling the website around its two standout products- hangouts and photos. Google will also be implementing a new feature called “streams”.

I think that the new Google+ will be really cool but I think that it will take a lot more content for people to switch from other sites,” sophomore William Schramm said.

Despite its inability to sink Facebook, it did have two features that were very popular among the general public. Hangouts combined all elements of online chatting and was legitimate competition for Apple’s iMessage and the Facebook Messenger.

The Google+ photos portion also became a success due to its convenience. Smartphone users could easily backup and store all of their important pictures and videos without posting to Google+.

“I am excited for Google+ to be redesigned because it could become much more successful,” freshman Atit Pathak said.

The company claims that it is not giving up many components of Google+ and is merely redesigning the product’s focus.

“It’s important to me that these changes are properly understood to be positive improvements to both our products and how they reach users,” Photos and Streams chief Bradley Horowitz said in a Google+ post.