Things to do in Cincinnati during spring break


Spring break is just around the corner, but even you are not going away, there are things to do here in Cincinnati. Getting outside is always a fun activity, especially will friends. Take into consideration the weather and temperature. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Natalie Brinkman , Op/Ed Chief

As the snow and biting winds come to a stop, warm weather and sunny days are ahead, and with that the much needed week off of school.

“I am not doing anything exciting, just staying at home and hanging out with friends,” said freshman Emma Smith.

In the spring, Cincinnati has lots of activities to try, and with a group of friends this break can be one to last forever. It does not have to cost a lot of money either, just plan a budget and do activities that sound fun.

One activity that is a little different is going to the butterfly show at the Krohn conservatory, this activity has a small charge of entry, it costs $7 for adults.

“The Butterfly Show at the Krohn Conservatory opens April 3, 2015 and runs through June 21, 2015. The Butterfly Show has a new theme each year and the 2015 theme is ‘Pura Vida, ‘” according to an article by 365 Cincinnati.

Pictures are allowed, so it is highly advisable to bring a phone or camera

Another option are parks, they are free and have beautiful scenery, flowers, and views. Three parks around Cincinnati to check out are Ault Park, Eden Park, and Washington Park.

“Ault Park is now one of my yearly trips in the spring. The magnolia trees are simply fantastic,” according to 365 Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Zoo also has beautiful blooms in the spring, with their botanical gardens. The fee is priciest ($18 for general admission), but there are many other things to do; such as, looking at the animals or enjoying the shops and restaurants.

“Enjoy some fun live music at the Cincinnati Zoo’s “Tunes and Blooms” events, happening each Thursday in the month of April,” according to 365 Cincinnati.

That being said, going away for vacation can be fun, and many students like to leave their hometowns to visit relatives or go sightseeing.

“I am going to Minnesota because my cousin is getting married, I like to go away for spring break” said freshman Andrea Vaughn.

Lastly, there are always the normal inside activities such as the movies, going to the mall, or going somewhere to eat, but combine two of those activities to balance outside and inside time. This will also create once in a lifetime memories.