Blue Ash Park to get ‘extreme’ addition


Summit Park in Blue Ash is to get a mountain bike course. This portion, like all of the others, is dedicated to families of all ages and skill levels. This phase does not have a completion date set, but it is a big possibility for the future. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Natalie Brinkman , Ed/Op Chief

Summit Park has already been established as a destination for families with its trails, playground, big lawn, and community meeting grounds, but it is its future plans that set it apart from other parks.

“A conceptual plan for a bike park was unveiled to the public for the first time at the annual meeting of the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance,” according to  The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The park is to get a portion dedicated to mountain biking, a place to train and have fun, no matter the age or skill level.

“Plans are in the beginning stages,” said Blue Ash Parks and Recreation employee Brian Kruse, who is also the operating manager of Summit Park where the bike park is planned on the now partially redeveloped Cincinnati-Blue Ash Airport property,” according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

There are other pieces being completed now, such as a large performance stage to be finalized in May. The park will be finished in phases as each step is added.

“The Parks and Recreation Department will begin writing grant applications soon,” Kruse said, “but there is not currently any money set aside for the bike park,” according to The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Although currently the funds for this addition are not set aside, as future installments to the park are created, funds could become obtainable.

The operations director at the park describes the idea as “a pie in the sky,” but he also states that if the community wants it, it will always be a possibility.