Selfies make way into museums


Selfies are trending everywhere worldwide. Museums may be passing rules against selfie sticks, tools to take the perfect selfie, but they do not want to stop the pictures. Photo opps, or opportunities for selfies are being taken into consideration when designing museum layouts. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus. Check here to see if you are “Master of the Selfie”:

Across the nation, dozens of museums have banned selfie sticks out of fear for hurting the artwork and disrupting other viewers, this includes the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Taft Museum. But they do not want to stop the selfies.

“Selfie culture isn’t just inspiring dont’s at the Cincinnati Art Museum, it’s influencing what they do,” according a Cincinnati Enquirer article.

The Museum sees frequent selfie shots being taken and wants to encourage viewers to continue. They even have started talking about ‘selfie opps’ when creating and laying out new exhibitions.

“The museum selfie trend is so pervasive that it even inspired a day called #MuseumSelfieDay, (the next one is Jan. 20, 2016),” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer Article.

The spreading of these egotistical shots enables friends and family to see the value of going to museums, as well as a glimpse as to what they could see.

“Sharing images on social media is effectively free marketing for museums, and reaches that sought after, plugged in millennial demographic,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Whether or not the selfie stick should be banned is another discussion, but the art of the selfie is worthy of a museum of it is on. Although seen as annoying or strange the selfie truly changes society and how we perceive things.