Color the world: La Pulsera Project returns


Lauren Saxon, Print Editor-In-Chief

Poverty. When we reflect on our own winter breaks, this word is not typically used to describe our environment. However, for the 13 friends who traveled to Nicaragua in 2009 for their break, poverty was all they saw.

While passing homeless kids lying on the street, these 13 vacationers made the decision to make a change. After visiting a children’s shelter, the kids gave the Americans bracelets, or pulseras, to thank them for spending time with them. Inspired by the new bracelets, Chris Howell and Colin Crane co-founded La Pulsera project.

The project is a registered U.S. non-profit organization that supports many shelter youths. Kids and adults in Nicaragua make pulseras, each unique and specified to its maker. These pulseras are then sold at various colleges and high schools, sending money back to Nicaragua.

“It is a great way to make a difference in a country that’s far away but needs our help,” senior Talia Balies said.

SHS is participating in the project, and will be selling bracelets and purses made by Nicaraguans at lunch from Tues. April 29- Friday May 1. Each product has a picture of the person who made it attached to it, so buyers are able to see and connect with who they are helping.

“Last year was super successful. We sold all 600 and sent $3000 back to organization,” Spanish teacher Meredith Blackmore said.

Since the sale of the first pulsera in 2009, the Pulsera Project and countless student volunteers across the U.S. have sold more than 300,000 pulseras in over 1,000 schools, raising more than $1,500,000 for employment, empowerment, and education of many Nicaraguans.

“Kids got a really good experience helping people out, without the expectation of being repaid,” Spanish teacher Lisa Vanags said.

The bracelets are being sold for five dollars, and purses will be ten dollars each. A table will be set up at the front of the commons for those who wish to purchase items. ­­

“The bracelets look really stylish,” said Blackmore. “They would make really good Mother’s Day gifts, and even gifts for your teachers or possible roommates.”