Jumping in the shoes of Jodie Lawson

As school ends, a group of students can be seen sprinting on the track outside. Among them is freshman Jodie Lawson.

Lawson is one of the few freshman to make the varsity team. She runs long distance events including the mile and two mile.

“I am very excited to be a part of this team! Practice is always fun and I love running with my best friends. The competitions are intense but exhilarating and truly amazing,” Lawson said.

However, making the team required an immense amount of training throughout the year.

“My training for track consists of speed workouts and distance days so I am fully prepared for races. The workouts have become more difficult compared to the Junior High but I have gotten used to the work,” Lawson said.

Off the track, Lawson is a bright straight-A student, partaking in a myriad of accelerated classes.

“Jodie is an ideal student to have in class, works very hard and is fun to have,” World History teacher Mr. Andrew Ovington said.

For more information on the track team, visit shsleaf.org.