Striking out for the loss


Coach Sarah Melvin has been doing everything in her power to help the players get a win. This includes hitting before the games and switching up the lineup. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Hannah Frey, Feature Co-Editor

The softball team has been struggling to get a win. Their record stands at 3 -7. Their last loss was the hardest of them all. The team lost to Lakota East 14 -1.

“We usually take the lead in first inning but then around the fourth inning everything just falls apart. We had been doing a better job of keeping it together but this last game was hard,” senior Lydia Sloan said.

It does not help that a number of players of the team are hurt, making SHS have an extremely short bench.

“It has become a joke that someone gets hurt in every game we play, and with the new concussion laws if a player hits their head at all they usually end up sitting out for a week or more,”  junior Paige Cassidy said.

The team has around 15 games left in the season, not counting the tournament. For more information on the softball team click here.