Wage gap remains wide


The income gap is even larger in other countries. The United States has the 4th largest gap while Chile has the largest. Iceland has the most equal income distribution. Image b MCT Photo

Rujula Kapoor, Infographics Chief

Women and men have been treated differently at the workplace since almost the beginning of time. At the moment the wage gap indicates that for every dollar a man makes a woman makes 77 cents.

“It makes me not want to work as hard if I’m by default going to be paid less,” sophomore  Malihia Mustoi said.

Professions with highest gender wage gap:

  1. Inspectors, testers,
  2. Teachers and instructors
  3. Retail salespersons
  4. First-line supervisors of production and operating workers
  5. Sales and related workers, all other

All five of the professions above have a wage gap of over 70%.  Noting that 10.6% of men work in STEM fields in the USA and 4.6% of women annual wages indicate men get paid $ 78,000 while for almost the same work women get $64,000.

Even in jobs that have a larger percentage of women like education and retail men get paid more. In nursing for example men make $5,100 more than women.

“That does not make sense that women get paid less if they do the same work. It’s not fair in any way,” sophomore Morgan Commerford said.

The gap is getting smaller but it will take a long time until there is real equality. It is predicted that the wage gap will be almost gone by 2159 in Wyoming.

“I think that as long as businesses try and make an effort to pay woman more there will be progress but if not then it is a lost cause,” sophomore, Natasha Wang said.