Q&A with Joanna Brown, 11, on taking classes at Miami University

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Joanna Brown,11, travels to Miami a few days a week to go to her psychology class. Due to fact that Brown has this class in the morning, she comes into school during fifth bell for her other required classes here at school. While the travelling back and forth does add up, the exposure to college level work on a college campus is a unique opportunity that Brown is grateful to have. Image by Taylor Evans.

Q: Why did you decided to take classes at Miami?

A: My mom first told me about taking post-secondary classes at Miami, and I quickly decided that it would be a good choice for me because I am most likely going to Miami University in Oxford for college.

Q: Do you think the courses are more challenging?

A: Although some may consider the classes challenging, I would compare them to an accelerated class at Sycamore.

Q: Do you feel this decision was beneficial?

A: Yes, because not only am I taking these classes for free, but I will have completed almost a year and a half of college and I will have less debt.

Q: What are some of the assignments you have had to do?

A: For both of my classes, the assignments are on set dates for the most part. In Psychology 111 we have to write an article review, analysis, and summary once a month and we have application questions due online every Sunday. We also had to attend a lecture called “Picking Cotton” and write an analysis of it.  For English 112 we have a paragraph due about the novel we are reading every Wednesday, comments on two other paragraphs due Friday, and a quiz every Sunday.

Q: Do you want to continue studying at Miami after you graduate?

A: Yes. My mom works there so I will have free education, and they have a decent nursing program.

Q: What do you hope to get out of this experience?

A: I hope I learn new things and complete many college classes free of charge.

For more information on Miami University visit miamioh.edu.