Suspended animation becomes a reality


Photo by: MCT Photo

Kamaria Walton, Staff Writer

Suspended animation, for those who do not know what this is it means that one is pausing their life using a medical process. If you’re a fan of House M.D. or ER you’ve probably seen this occur with a patient.

This process was before only tested on small animals, but this experimentation has now progressed to humans. The process is called induced hypothermia which cools the body down so that the blood slows, leaving a trauma patient with less damage and spare them death.

In cases of a gunshot victim or a patient where the bleeding cannot be stopped this method will be used. Doctors will insert a tube into a patient’s aorta which will them pump the very cold saline solution into the body and cool it down to 50-55 degrees.

All chemical reactions will slow down since the cells no longer require as much oxygen. Doctors are hopefully that this will help save trauma patients with the added time.