Freshman class taking a new approach to literature


The freshman class is taking on a new type of literature. They are taking on Shakespeare’s different and very famous stories and plays. Fourth quarter will be spent on Romeo and Juliet.

Throughout the year, the freshman class has been reading a myriad of different genres. They started out with mythology, then moved into classics, memoirs and then op-eds and PSA’s.      However fourth quarter  for the freshman class is a little different than the others. The last quarter of the year will be filled with Shakespeare.

“It’s different than what [the English classes] have read so far this year,”  Mrs. Emily Sweeney said to her fifth bell English class. Sweeney is also the sponsor of the Shakespeare club.

Sweeney’s classes are busy doing pre-Shakespearean research about their author while other freshman English classes have already assigned roles for acting out Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

“I think it’s good for us to broaden our literary horizons with what we feel comfortable reading so I totally support [the Shakespeare unit],” freshman Elayna Berry said.

Some students think that the Shakespeare reading will be undoubtedly more challenging and very different than the other books they have read so far.

“From the few Shakespearean works I’ve been exposed to I can see he’s a brilliant writer. It’s probably going to be harder to read but it’s something we should be taught to read and appreciate during high school instead of being afraid to try and read it by ourselves,” freshman Sarah Gilmore said.