Racing to Relay

Esther Pittinger

Relay for Life may be a bit of a misnomer, as though the name implies a race, the reality is more a leisurely stroll or camping out on the soccer field. Yet some, as shown above, take the opportunity to run.

The event itself requires at least one member of each team (made of at least 10 fundraisers) to be on the track at any time. Though running is not required, some can be found running all night.

Jogging under the stars is not required to show dedication to the cause; voluntarily sleeping on synthetic grass shows dedication in itself. Throw in raising at least $100 dollars to participate plus scattered showers, and any participant shows dedication.

Relay is an event that not only contributes monetary aid, but also showcases the dedication of students in multiple schools to help end the fight against cancer. As this year’s slogan states, “cancer never sleeps”.