Giving congratulations to new inductees

Felicitations, omedetou, gratulatio, felicitaciones

Meum officium est in omnibus rebus scholasticis praestare honestatem, veritatem, iustititiamque et semper laborabo ut optime faciam et supra omnia meum honorem alam.”

It is my duty in all academic endeavors to promote honesty, truth, and fairness, and I will always work to do my best and uphold my honor above all.

These words were spoken by 12 Latin IV students at the Global Language Honor Society induction ceremony. They were one of six groups of students recognized by the global language faculty on April 30 in the media center.

Alongside the Latin students were students from American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Overall, there were 67 students in attendance.

To be recognized in this ceremony, students must currently be in a level four global language class or above (level three in ASL), receive an A in the language for the previous eight quarters, and write an essay relaying how global language has impacted their life and their future.

During the ceremony, each student lit a candle and took an oath in the language they studied, receiving their certificate afterwards.

Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients.