Talia Bailes plans trip to Ecuador

Melinda Looney Ho, Staff Writer

After June 4, many high school students are going their separate ways. For many seniors that also means packing for college. Senior Talia Bailes decided to instead travel a year abroad before entering college.

Last summer, Bailes went to Uganda as part of the United4Uganda campaign. She enjoyed her experience there, which made her interested in global immersions.

Bailes plans to go to Ecuador and provide volunteer services through a program called Global Citizen Year.

“The impact of tomorrow’s leaders depends on the quality of today’s education. And yet the American education system is failing to prepare our youth to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges,” the Global Citizen Year organization said.

For Bailes, this bridge year lets her pursue her passion on social justice issues and learn more about other cultures and languages. She expects that her trip to Ecuador will make her more prepared for college.

“This experience will let me tackle bigger challenges and learn more about me so that I am even more excited about learning when I enter Cornell in 2016,” Bailes said.