Boys Water Polo


Photo Courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography

With the new spring training team members can now workout with the entire team months before the season starts. This training will continue during the summer time. The official season will start in August.

Ethan May

During the offseason, water polo players work hard to gear up for the oncoming season. They do various activities to stay in shape. This year the team is doing spring workouts for the first time.

It used to be that players swam with their club team and or played club water polo to stay in shape. With spring training players can now workout with the entire team, building bonds between players.

“I think spring training is a great new addition to our workout regimen, it will help us play better next year,” junior Christopher Seger said.

Practicing together in the offseason not only gets the team in shape but it also allows the players to know each other better allowing for better chemistry in the pool. With this new built chemistry the team hopes to improve their play.

“Working out together in the spring will improve our team atmosphere, it will make less problems out of the pool,” Seger said.

These workouts consist of both in pool and out of the pool activities. Activities mostly include abs workouts, running, swimming and lifting. With out of pool cross training players will be stronger in the water allowing them to reach the maximum potential for their play.

“The workouts are tough but they are definitely worth it because of the benefit it givers to our training,” sophomore Matt Schuetz said.

These workouts are very beneficial to players skill in the pool but also their friendships and behavior out of the pool.