Nick Young beefs with ESPN anchor

Joshua Patterson, Staff Writer

Beef is generally considered a food product; unless you are talking to Robert Flores and Nick Young for the next couple days. Flores is an ESPN Sports Center anchor while Nick “Swaggy P” Young is a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Normally you would not associate the two together, especially in a beef, considering that Flores hosts Sports Center in Bristol, Connecticut; nowhere near L.A. but, on Monday Flores delivered a shot on Young’s girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

“We learned that according to the Laker’s Nick Young a dolphin tried to kill him. So Nick, while dolphins are trying to kill you, your girlfriend is trying to kill hip-hop. Let’s call it even, ok?” Flores said while hosting Monday morning Sports Center.

Young then decided to fire back over his Twitter, and even though there was numerous spelling and grammatical errors, I think he got his point across.

His tweets read:

“Its cool to talk about me all day any day I find with that, I can take a joke .. That what I do joke, but I didn’t see the point of that”

“@RoFloESPN I’m pretty sure we going to run into each other soon”

“@RoFloESPN you job is to talk about sports  not what me and my chick got going on”

“@RoFloESPN so off the fact that was cool to say, don’t sit right with me so we got a problem”

The last three addressed to Flores on Twitter were later deleted, and Young has not talked to the media since the incident. Flores has appeared on sports radio show Sedano & Stink to talk about the notion of him and Young fighting.

“If you look at his numbers, there is a 70 percent chance that—if he takes a shot at me—he’s going to miss. I’m just looking at the numbers, so I’m good.”

I for one am not a proponent of sports anchors fighting NBA players over jokes they make on television, but I do enjoy this beef for the pure entertainment factor of it.

In all seriousness, if what Flores says is true and it was a joke, then Young has to let it go. When you are a nationally exposed player with the nickname “Swaggy P” there are going to be jokes thrown your way, whether you like it or not. You cannot threaten to fight every single person that ever makes a joke about you or your girlfriend.

Hopefully these two decide to squash this beef, let Flores go back to doing his job on tv and let Young go back to playing for the 16-42 Lakers