Fighting back after being knocked down


Photo courtesy of Neil Yejjey Liou serving. His favorite shot is his serve and forehand. He considers Fernando Verdasco his favorite player.

Neil Yejjey, Staff writer

When sophomore Regis Liou was told he did not make the Varsity A tennis team last year, he was shattered.

“It was really painful and tough to swallow. I felt terrible and was inconsolable for some time,” Liou said.

However, regardless Liou made it his goal to make Varsity A the next year. He went out and served balls for hours on Friday nights, read books, and watched videos. He continued to work hard even though he had not succeeded his objective.

“I felt that I didn’t work hard enough, that regardless of any excuse that I made, I really did not deserve it since I didn’t work hard enough.
However there comes a time when you have to pick yourself back up, fight back, and win.

There is a quote that I like from the Bible: Mark 9:23, Jesus told Mark; ‘All things are possible through him to those who believe’,
So I didn’t give up despite the trials and tribulations that I faced, as in the end the only thing they did was make me stronger. Honestly speaking I would not have reached where I am now if I didn’t face the pain of not making it last year.”

“You have to fight, regardless of how painful it is, because you believe in your dream hard enough, if you do that extra rep, hit that extra serve, run that extra mile, you will win. Maybe not immediately, but over time it will happen,” Liou said.