Hillary Clinton running for office



Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers a speech at a new year’s event in De Moins, Iowa. She is joined by her husband Bill and her daughter Chelsea. Clinton plans on doing a tour around the country, hosting many events in order to appeal to the voters. Photo by MCT photo.

Hannah May, Sports Chief

For two years, when one heard the name Hillary Clinton, it was accompanied by curiosity and speculation. On Sun., Apr. 12, Clinton ended the questioning about her running for president, officially announcing that she would be in the race for the presidential office.

This provides the opportunity for a woman to be one of the major party’s candidates. Eight years ago, it seemed she would snag the democratic spot, however President Barack Obama ending up winning.

“I think that it will be really interesting to see what happens from here. I don’t really know who the other presidential candidates are or what her competition is, but people seem to think that she will be the primary candidate,” freshman Sarah Abraham said.

Clinton plans to focus on the future and rebuilding America.

“Every day Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion. So I’m hitting the road to earn your vote, because it’s your time. And I hope you’ll join me on this journey,” Clinton said in her campaign video.

Clinton plans on beginning her campaign with events in Iowa and New Hampshire. She will use these events to re-introduce herself to the voters and explain the basis of her candidacy.

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