Q&A with senior Audrey Moeller on Senior Art Show


Photo courtesy of Brenda Shen

Senior Audrey Moeller displays her work during Fine Arts weekend in March. Moeller’s final high school showing of her art took place on May 8 at the Senior Art Show. All students from AP Studio Art and AP Photography had the opportunity to showcase pieces from their portfolio for the Sycamore community.

Atiya Dosani

What did the AP students do to prepare for the art show?

We spent several days framing our artwork, and we set up the display on the day of the AP test. I tried to put in as much new artwork as possible, so creating those pieces took quite a bit of time as well.


Did you choose to sell any of your work? 

I didn’t sell any of my work because most of it was made for someone. One piece was for my mom, another for my dance studio, my grandparents, and the two other pieces were ones I wanted to keep myself for sentimentality.


What do you plan to do with your art that you still have?

Some of the art I still have was already claimed by buyers, but I couldn’t sell it to them until after the AP. The pieces that I’m not giving away or selling will hang on the walls of my house most likely, so even when I’ve left for college and beyond, there’ll still be a piece of me around for my parents.


How do you plan to continue on with art in the future?

I’m planning to major in civil engineering at Purdue, but there’s a huge design aspect of engineering that my art background will help with. I’d also like to double major in fine arts. It’ll be a lot of work, but I couldn’t give up art if I tried.