United for Uganda benefit concert rocks on

Emily Chien, Leaflet Designer/Writer

With musical performances from multiple local bands including the student’s own electric orchestra, See 1, the event was filled with electricity.

“It was a really cool concert and the music was amazing. I feel like there still were not enough people there to appreciate them.” said junior, Timothy den Boer.

The club, originally named United for Unifat, a school in Uganda, which has a newly broadened name, has multiple fundraisers benefitting the needy in Uganda throughout the year.

For one, the Friday night concert raised money for students of Uganda who cannot afford to pay for schooling and also to help fund schools themselves.

With a fee of ten dollars for admission, club members additionally stocked the commons with pizza, baked goods, snacks, and drinks, all paying for the benefit of students in Uganda.

Entertainment for the night had multiple special student performers such as Megan Sulfsted, Andrew Leonard, Jenna Bao, Jack Kays, and many more.