Q&A with Sarah Gilmore

Emilie King, Staff Writer

Sarah Gilmore, 9

Have you heard of the changes that are coming to the schedule next year and how did you find out?

  • Yes, I have and I found out recently from people discussing it with a teacher in my study hall.

What have you heard other students saying about it?

  • Everyone thought it was pointless and stupid. A lot of people thought it was just like the Aviator Bell at the junior high, which they didn’t like. No one liked that they were going to have 4 minutes in between bells rather than 5. Plus, they thought that both of the two lunches would be more crowded.

What are your thoughts on the schedule for next year?

  • I think it’s going to be strange and awkward, and very unnecessary. I also think that it’s going to be hard to maneuver the new times.

Do you think that students will like and/or take the reading bell seriously?

  • No, they won’t. No one’s going to like it and they’re going to just goof off. I feel like no one reads a lot anymore, so it just won’t work.

A lot of students think that the half hour bell would be better used as a study hall, do you agree and why?

  • Yes, I agree. We have so much homework that sometimes you can’t get done. It’d be nice to get some of it done because we all do a lot outside of school and we have a lot going on in the day.

Do you have anything else to add on this topic?

  • I just think that they shouldn’t go through with it, especially since so many people disagree with it.