Clean, jerk, snatch

Olympic-style lifters qualify for nationals


Yangxing Ding

Ding snatches 99 kilos, or 218.257 pounds during a meet. The clean and jerk and the snatch are both highly technical lifts. Both Ding and Sweeney lift six days a week in preparation for meets.

Elijah Zawatsky, Editor in Chief

The pain of repeatedly pressing and squatting extremely heavy objects, working every day for minimal gains, for months on end may sound like a torturous routine for most. However, for juniors Mikhail Sweeney and Yangxing Ding, it is a lifestyle.

“I have no idea why I do this, but I do. I’m this far, so why stop now. We lift heavy things to the sky, man we’re fly,” Ding said.

Olympic-style lifting involves two highly technical lifts; the clean and jerk, and the snatch.  The official meet-style cleans also involve a deadlift, as opposed to a hanging clean.

“Technique is definitely more important than weight. We spent a solid three months working on our technique with only 20 kilos, which is about 45 pounds,” Sweeney said.

Both Ding and Sweeney have qualified for the national meet in the 69 kilo, or 152 pound weight class, taking place on June 25 through June 29 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both are currently ranked in the youth top 10 nationally.

“We both expect to finish top 10. Yangxing will very likely place in the top three,”  Sweeney said.