New video embodies feminism, flames, fierceness


Natalie Brinkman

Taylor Swift released a new music video for her song “Bad Blood”, which came out May 17. It features all of her good friends, and has a strong pro-feminism theme. It has already been viewed millions of times.

Natalie Brinkman , Op/Ed Chief

Taylor Swift released her new music video for her song “Bad Blood”, which is an extension to the album 1989.

“The message of women standing up for one another was impactful and highly relevant in today’s feminism debate,”  freshman Sarah Gilmore said.

The music video features some of Taylor’s good friends, all under different names to go with their characters, which are girls with different, intense abilities.

“I’m so glad that Taylor is happy and confident and not afraid to stand up for her fellow women and the things she believes in, not to mention in an epic fashion,”  Gilmore said.

The video not only features powerful women in the video, but is trying to portray the talents and strength of women, in Hollywood and in general.

“This music video was something I have been anticipating for weeks since Taylor was posting posters of her friends featured in the video on her social media accounts,” Gilmore said.

The song was so different from the rest of the album, which includes songs such as “Blank Space”, “Shake it Off”, “Into the Woods”, and “How You Get the Girl”. However, the main connection is the powerful messages and strong choruses.

“I loved the music video and what it represented. I think we can always learn something from Taylor, she’s been teaching me self-confidence every day,” sophomore Alejandra Bello said.

The song can be found on YouTube, and has already gained millions of views within the past few days.

Overall, the video features a lot of leather, flames, and weapons and showcases Taylor’s other side, as well as, contrasts to the other songs and music videos produced for this particular album.