Death Knell of Early Dismissal

Jacob Englander, News Chief


To the shock, dismay, and anger of many students early dismissal will no longer be available at SHS.  Wednesday, May 20, 2015 will be the last time, in the foreseeable future SHS students will have that option.

“I really enjoy early dismissal.  It means I have time to hang out with friends on a weekday, instead of just the weekends,” junior Max Weiss said.

Early dismissal is a chance to take a nap when you get home, an extra hour of your life with which you can do anything in the world.   The flag should be at half mast today, in honor of this truly hallowed tradition.

“I love school, so honestly I’m not too upset by this.  However I do think early release is a nice incentive for students, especially halfway through the week,”  teacher Randall Lothrop said.

Let us all take a moment to appreciate how early release has changed our lives.  We will all be sorry to see it go.

“I personally will be glad that I won’t have to be at Sycamore when they take this away,”  senior Yuan Zhang said.