Pulsera Project provides bracelets


Beverly Liu

Pulseras, spanish for bracelets, are being sold during lunch for $5. The Pulsera Project was created to help create jobs and improve education in Nicaragua.

Nowadays, there are a myriad of nonprofit organizations around the world in order to help those in need. One that has become very popular is known as the Pulsera Project.

“In order to help Nicaraguan youths, bracelets are made by people in Nicaragua and are sold in schools in the U.S. by the Pulsera Project,” senior Deepak Indrakanti said.

The project began in a single classroom in Pennsylvania, and has now expanded to over 1000 schools across 49 states.

Pulseras, which means bracelets in Spanish, are produced daily by hundreds of Nicaraguan artists and take about an hour to make.

“A variety of benefits come from the sale of these bracelets like providing sustainable jobs and creating educational programs,” Indrakanti said.

Bracelets can be purchased for $5 during lunch in the commons at the Pulsera Project table.