Virus shuts down phones


Created by me

The message that has been flying around. This essentially sends a message to the iPhone to shut it down. The origin of the message is unknown.

In the last few days, students have been sending each other text messages with embedded code in it which makes their phone shut down. This bug only works on iPhones, with Android devices being immune to the virtual carnage. This bug also makes it so that the user of the iPhone cannot see their messages.

“It is so annoying to think that you’ve received a text, but then its just one of your mean friends messing with your phone” freshman Sharuya Singh said.

Apple has yet to acknowledge the problem, but it is speculated that a solution will arrive soon. Twitter has been overloaded by tweets about the bug, and friendships have also been severed. Android can infect an Apple device with the bug, but the Android is immune to the bug.

“This bug just totally proves that Android is light-years ahead of Apple, Apple is not close to the same league as Android” sophomore Regis Liou said.

Neil Yejjey