Post-Flyerettes tryouts


Freshman Riley Kurtz and senior Emily Spry dancing at a boys Varsity basketball game. “Summer practices start in August with dance camp at Miami University for three days. At camp we learn multiple routines and work on technique,” said Davis. Photo courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Abbey Baker , Managing Editor

Follow up with freshman Gabrielle Davis on Flyerettes tryouts.

1.)How did tryouts go?

“They went really well. For two days we had a clinic where we learned the dance we had to do at tryouts and then we had tryouts.”

2.)When do you find out if you made the team?

“The new coach will leave a voicemail for us with the names of the girls who made it later this week.”

3.)What did you do at tryouts?

“I did the 16 count dance we were taught at the clinic and then I did my splits, toe-touch, leaps, and turns.”

4.)How many new people tried out?

“There were three freshmen and two upperclassman, which is good because we have three seniors graduating this year.”