Outdoor Rec classes go fishing


Last week the Outdoor Rec students got introduced to the basics of fishing. Teacher Dan Buchanan took them out to the soccer field to learn how to cast a rod. On the second day of fishing, Mr. Buchanan took them out to the school’s pond named “Fred” to practice throwing their lines into the actual pond. Over the weekend the students had some homework for the following week. They had to bring in live bait so they could start fishing for actual fish the following week. “I didn’t want to have to dig up worms from the ground so I went to Jack’s Pets and bought a dozen worms there. I had to refrigerate them overnight and after using them each day they have to be refrigerated,” senior Emily Baker said. When the students brought in their bait they had to put it on the hook themselves and if they caught anything, take it off the hook themselves. Photo courtesy of Abbey Baker

Abbey Baker, Managing Editor