Chinese students celebrate senior’s successes

Emily Chien, Leaflet Designer/Writer

As the year comes to a close, students and staff look back on the year’s memories. For Chinese students, this means to hold a “Senior Send-Off” honoring their senior Chinese classmates at the Jade Kitchen on Friday, May 22.

“I go celebrate every year. I think it is a really special time to remember the great times we all shared while also wishing them all good luck in the future,” said freshman Gabrielle Yun.

At the celebration, participants will eat buffet-style Chinese food, sing karaoke, give awards, and have performances dedicated to the seniors.

“This year, our class is singing a special goodbye song in Chinese. Also, Victor Lim is going to play the violin in the background,” said Yun.

Chinese teacher, Mrs. Ning Zhang, has rented out the Jade Kitchen for the special night. Anyone from the Chinese classes or club is invited to come along.

“Our favorite activity is singing on the karaoke machine. We usually have a lot of fun bonding with each other and our teacher,” said Yun.