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Donut bar built in town


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Donuts have become a staple in America this past decade. One shop that recently opened and is dedicated to serving donuts near Xavier University is called Top This Donut Bar. Top This offers myriad types of donuts, glazing, and toppings.

Donuts have become extremely popular in the past decade. Almost every store in America carries the tasty sweet.
One specific shop, called Top This Donut Bar, opened in the new Xavier University station on Aug. 15. New in town, this unique eat-out specializes in donuts, serving them in a “create your own” fashion.
To purchase a donut, select either a regular cinnamon roll or crispy rice treat, choose a type of glaze or icing, and pick toppings from a wide variety of selections.
Fruit toppings include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, banana, and coconut.
Sweet toppings vary between peppermints, pecans, sprinkles, marshmallows, Oreos, Heath bar, Graham Cracker, M & Ms, Fruity Pebbles, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, bacon, Andres mints, and Rees’s.
“Last week I visited the donut bar with my mom and brother. What I loved most about the store was the numerous options provided. Not to mention, the donut was really good,” sophomore Charles Harte said.
In addition to donuts, Top This offers milk from the tap, including regular, chocolate, strawberry, and almond milk. Soft-serve ice cream is also sold in a variety of flavors with the same toppings available.
“I have heard a lot of things about the Top This Donut Bar from friends but I have not had a chance to go yet,” sophomore Max Snyder said.
Owner Justin Shelton and his partners plan to open shops in three more locations, including Anderson Township, West Chester, and Northern Kentucky.
“The only problem with Top This is the location. However, if new locations are opening nearby I would definitely go again with friends and family,” Harte said.
So, the next time you happen to be near Xavier University, be sure to swing by Top This Donut Bar.