Summit park arises from ashes of airport


Emily Chien

Summit Park already features a family-friendly dog park. Additionally, its long stretches of road that airplanes used for taking-off and landing make long walks with family easy. The sky is always visible in the vast space.

Under constant construction, the center of Blue Ash sits through project after project to help create a beautiful and eco-friendly space for the community.
Summit Park first emerged out of the 60-year-old Blue Ash Airport’s remnants in 2006 when a .25 percent earnings tax increase funded the purchase and development of the land.
“Summit already has such a great variety of things to do. It can be so fun to just relax with friends there,” junior Allison Ferdinand said.
Blue Ash boosters have even announced that Summit Park will be “world class” with a $13.5 million budget. ‘Phase 1’ is now complete.
“My favorite things to do so far is walk along the trails, go to the farmer’s market, and do free yoga classes. Also, the Taste of Blue Ash was a great event over the summer,” said Ferdinand.
The park has plenty of new features still to come, including a woodland nature preserve, restaurant pavilion, northeast market pavilion and wine garden, skate park, and much more.
“The park is so close to my friend’s house so it is always easy to walk to. I think it is great that there is now a beautiful public park for people to hang out in,” said sophomore Kiri Wang.