Increasing pressure for theatre freshmen


Yasmine Guedira

London Brinkman and Sarah Guedira are currently freshman that are actively involved in theatre. They are in costume after performing “The Music Man” last spring.

Yasmine Guedira , Staff Writer

Starting high school is a big landmark in everyone’s life. A new school year comes with new opportunities and friendship along with lots of stress and adjusting.
Not only do freshmen have to adapt to new rigorous academics, but they also have to integrate themselves into clubs that differ greatly from those they have performed before.
Freshman Sarah Guedira said, “Adapting to the changes in clubs like theater were interesting and challenging. But I have gotten used to it, and I am excited to start rehearsals for Improv Aves and the spring musical.”
Although change brings on new challenges, it can also be exciting. Freshmen have the opportunity to make a good first impression and put their best foot forward to start the school year.
Freshman London Brinkman said, “I was nervous for nothing. Well, it is still a little scary, but high school is just great. I feel like I can truly be myself.”
The Sycamore Theatre Department is putting on many shows this year – the One Act Festival, an Improv show, Yellow Boat, Almost Maine, Noises Off and Bring it On the Musical in the spring.
Freshman Skye Haruyama said, “High school theater gets a lot more in depth, and I feel it prepares you more for the real world of show business. It is certainly a little more tough, but it is good preparation.”
The department is highly recognized around Cincinnati for the high quality of shows that they produce. They have won Seven Cappies for Best Best Musical Nominations and Eight Awards for Excellence from the Cincinnati HS Theatre League and many others.
Freshman Shayna Kling said, “It is really amazing, being surrounded by all of the upperclassmen yet also scary because they are all so talented. I think we will be able to learn from them though and become a lot better.”
Positive spirit and a strong desire to learn have helped these freshmen stretch their limits and face new challenges with an open mind. Aves Theatre sticks to their logo “commitment, community and excellence.”