Is it worth the money?


Yasmine Guedira

The new IMC, complete with new couchs and work areas was just recentaly opened. There are closed in areas for whole classrooms to come and work. It will soon be avaliable for student use.

For the school year, SHS has completely renovated its library. The lengthy and rather costly project took the summer and the beginning weeks of the school year to finish.

Sophomore Alex Newberg said, “I really like the way it looks. It gives our school a new modern look, and I can tell it is going to be a highly productive area.”

The new working space is complete with multiple couches, desks, and two closed-in settings where entire classrooms can work. The opening of this renovated space has been long anticipated by students.

Sophomore Gabby Yun said, “Everyone has been waiting to use the IMC. I am really excited to go check it out once it opens and hopefully do some group projects in there.”

Although the IMC looks classy and appealing, some students argue that it may have not been worth the money. Additionally, they are talking about how the “library” is missing an obvious feature: books.

Sophomore Lavanya Konda said, “I love the way it looks, but I really miss the rows and rows of books, especially the useful reference books. I wonder if it was worth the money to construct such an elaborate work space.”

The addition of the Hangar Bookstore in the Commons is also a topic of conversation around the school.

Whether students like it or not, the renovated IMC is here to stay, and although many have their doubts, the new IMC is definitely going to be a new stunning feature to SHS.