Students perform at variety show this fall


McDaniel’s Photography

Junior Elsa Benson and junior Jack Kays perform a song together at the 2014 Variety Show. Each year, students audition to perform at the show to showcase their talents. The acts can range from singing to playing multiple bop-its at one time.

Calliope Osborn, Staff Writer

Every year, students with different talents come together and perform at the annual talent show.

Sophomore Katie Wenzel said, “It’s the best show the school puts on in my opinion. They are showing how talented the aviators really are here at Sycamore.”

No two acts are quite the same. There have been singers, dancers, jugglers, and even people playing with multiple Bop-Its at one time.

Last year, sophomore Morgan McAvoy saw her friend’s sister Chrissy Reisert sing at the Variety Show.

McAvoy said, “It was really great seeing someone I know doing what she loves on stage.”

One act that never fails to show is the Sycamore High School Choral Program. Last year, the choirs performed a Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons medley. This year, the choir program will be singing a Disney medley.

Choir teacher and Variety Show organizer Mr. Ken Holdt said, “The Variety Show offers an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their unique talents and share different sides of their personalities with their peers. Those who attend the show will see the breadth of talent and diversity of our student body.”

On Sept. 21 were the auditions, where there were garage bands, acappella groups, and other students trying out.

The show will be on Friday, October 9th, and the tickets will be $10. The show starts at 7:00 PM. Students, relatives, friends, and staff can buy the tickets online or at the door.