Color guard to take on Goshen


Terry Ekstedt

Freshman Lydia Cooke and sophomore Enrique Martin perform in the second movement of the show. The color guard and trumpets do a feature which involves stretchy green fabric. Each member of the color guard is paired with a trumpet.

The group is heading to the home of the Warriors to participate in the invitational at the school, but the  girls have found  a way to both mentally and physically prepare for the performance.

Freshman Cassandra Cooper said, “Color guard has taught use control, as in with my hands, I have to squeeze to make the flag stop when I want it to.  My arms still hurt after practice but not as much as they did when I started learning”.

Practice is meant for keeping mentally in performance mode, remembering choreography and drill sets, but before and after practice the girls like to hang out and bond over their shared activity.

Sophomore Sara Cohen said, “Color guard is super fun and going to competitions is a very good reward, it shows how much all of our hard work pays off.”

Although school and color guard can be quite a lot to do, the girls find time to interact and socialize.

Freshman Lydia Cooke said, “Color guard helped me make new friends and grow closer with my existing ones”.

With any group activity, bonding strengthens the team as a whole and concretes a good work ethic among all of the participants.

Overall, the team plan to continue section’s day before games, doing makeup before competitions, and maintaining time to chat and blow off some steam.