Terrific Theatre Travels: New York and DC


Stephanie Kidd

The SHS theatre troop saw Les Miserables Saturday September 24 at the Imperial Theatre in New York. Due to traffic they arrived to the show five minutes before the start time. They watched the shortened revival of the original production.

On Sept. 24 at 6 a.m., 50 students from the theater classes at SHS got in a charter bus to drive to DC and New York for a weekend of new discovery, self reflection and adventure.

Sophomore Emma Smith said, “We had an amazing weekend! I had such a great experience, and I have made memories I will never forget. It was rushed, but we got a lot done.”

The itinerary was complete with visits to national memorials and museums, two Broadway Shows, “Aladdin” and “Les Miserables,” and a theater workshop with the actors from the show.

Freshman Skye Haruyama said, “The shows were fascinating and opened my eyes to a Broadway world that I never knew.”

Traveling with a high school can be a very different experience than traveling with family or in junior high. Group travel can increase independence and grow friendships.

Freshman Sarah Guedira said, “Our tour guide for the 9/11 Memorial was very insightful and wise. She made us appreciate the impact that this tragedy had on history and on the families of those lost.”

This is just one of the amazing opportunities available for SHS Theatre students. For more information about theatre opportunities, upcoming shows and ticketing information visit the Aves Theatre Website.