Bella Voce, voices making SHS beautiful


Photo by: McDaniels photography

Bella Voce sings at the SHS choral concert. The choir always participates in the annual event that showcases the talent of the choral program. The choir spends their class time rehearsing and learning choreography for the important event.

Christine Macke, staff writer

Harmonious singing floats down the halls as students practice. In the choir room practices Bella Voce, or just simply Bella, as it is called commonly by students.

The choir is directed by Mr. Ken Holdt, who also directs the two other choral groups at SHS, Aviator Chorale and Select Ensemble.

The selective choral group requires either a director recommendation, an audition, or both. The result is beautiful performances with trained singers who take time and effort to make sure they sound the best that they can.

Leslie Brown, a sophomore in Bella, shares how much she enjoys the class and how it is a relief from stress throughout the busy day.

Brown said, “I really really enjoy it; it’s a really great class to relax and unwind in.”

And although it is calming, the high expectations for the members of Bella Voce push them to work harder to reach their best potential.

Brown said,“It’s a little bit of work, but it’s really fun and we all have a great time together. We’re a super close knit group.”

There are also some perks to being in the group. In addition to the close friendships that form, Brown said,“We get food from time to time, and that’s always really fun!”

The amazing talent, hard work, and close friendships make Bella Voce truly live up to its name in English, beautiful voice.

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Christine Macke