Waterpolo implements new methods of training


Courtesy of McDaniels Photography

Senior Jessica Wei passes the ball to a teammate. Wei primarily plays as a field player, however she has trained goalie as well and acts as the back up goalie for sophomore Abigail Hausefeld. Wei also plays for the Moose water polo club team in the off season.

The girls team has made their season goal to become state champions, a task not easily completed. Knowing that ultimate success will be a difficult and tumultuous road, the team has brought about innovative practice techniques.

The coaches have introduced new drills and more significantly have placed more of an emphasis on the swimming aspect of the sport than previously. At least one day of the week, players will be given a longer swim set than usual.

As well as swimming more during normal practices, senior captains Jory Gould, Hannah Kast and Hannah Schweggmann, along with team manager and senior Courtney Reardon have spearheaded the introduction of morning swim practices.

Reardon said “It is hard to lead morning practices because the girls are my friends, and I hate having to tell them what to do so early in the morning. But I love having the ability to help reach the goal of winning state,”.

Two morning practices are offered a week, on Monday and Thursday. Varsity athletes are required to attend the Monday practices and are strongly advised to come on Thursdays.

Junior Varsity athletes are not required to come to any morning practices but are encouraged to come to develop their swimming skills and general strength.

Freshman Mallory Lefton said “I like to come to morning practice because I know that being a good swimmer is going to make me a better player,”.
The Varsity team has also begun to watch game film before duel matches. Watching film allows the players to observe, from an outside perspective, what is going on in the water and what facets of the game they can improve.

Gould said “By watching what we do in games, we can learn what we are doing wrong out of the pool from an objective standpoint and apply what we learned in practices which will translate to game situations,”.

The team will compete in the Ohio Cup tournament on Sat., Sep. 19 and Sun., Sep. 20. All of the teams competing in the State tournament will be playing in the Ohio Cup tournament and it, therefore, serves as an approximate preview of how teams will match up at the end of the season.