Rallying Aviator Pride


McDaniel's Photography

Homecoming court walks in the parade. Seniors Gabriele Kaiser and Gary Traub hand out candy to the crowd. Moving the parade to Friday instead of Thursday is just one of the initiatives to increase school spirit.

Elizabeth Rickert, Print Editor-in-Chief

  Increasing school spirit has been a project Principal, Mr. Doug Mader has been working on for the past three years. He has been doing this through revamping the school’s interior and increasing school event attendance.

  One of his major focuses has been the pep rallies. The Homecoming pep rally is taking place on Oct. 2 directly after 7th bell. There will be an alternative schedule designed for that day. All students are required to attend.

  Student Council and math teacher, Mr. Benjamin Tilton, have been actively planning. Tilton is a new teacher from King’s High School who has been recruited to help MC the pep rallies.

 Tilton said, “Before I was hired I had to make sure that Mr. Mader understood that I still wanted to do the pep rallies. It just comes with the package.”

  The pep rally will involve three student games, one student-teacher game, the flyrettes, the cheerleaders, and so much more.

  Homecoming court final four will participate as well. The official homecoming princess and prince will be announced at the game that evening. Teacher homecoming court will be announced at the pep rally.

 Sophomore, Halle Gordon said, “We’re trying to include as many people as possible in the pep rally. It will be highly competitive and very fun.”

  The winning grade of each game will receive points towards the spirit competition. The spirit competition will take place all week long. The class with the most kids dressed to the spirit week theme, the class who wins the lunch competition, and spirit chains are all extra ways to earn class points.

 Junior Matthew Miller said, “We’re trying to inspire as much involvement as possible. To do this we’ve created some friendly competition. The winning class will receive a hot dog cook out from Mr. Mader.” 

  It is very easy to participate in the spirit competition. Multiple opportunities will be offered to everyone.