Windows of Hope looks toward future


Emily Chien

Sophomore Kiri Wang said, “The window I am assigned to paint is for a four-year-old with a brain tumor and his family. I am very honored that his family asked me to paint a window that represents their dream backyard. I hope my painting can turn into reality when they can finally go home.”

A new year comes with new stories and new friends. Starting just last year, the Windows of Hope program took real cancer patients from the Ronald McDonald House and asked what they would like to see out their window.
Sophomore Christina Hanisch said, “Windows of Hope is about helping children that are unfortunately unable to stay at their own homes look out their window and be inspired. Often, they are either waiting for or going through long-term treatments.”
The Ronald McDonald House auctions off the windows on Nov. 1 and later in the spring, raising money for their cause. Then, the windows are given to each family to display in their rooms during their time in the house.
Hanisch said, “By participating in this program, I really hope that I can make a difference in how a child perceives the outside world. I want it to be a dream world they can drift to when reality becomes too harsh.”
What is it like painting a window for Windows of Hope? If interested in helping out, any student may visit the art hallway and ask for Mrs. Kat Ferguson or Mrs. Marguaret Copfer what they can do.
Hanisch said, “Honestly, this program makes a big difference in kids’ lives as well as your own. It is a pleasure working with the greatest people for the greatest cause.”