Grace Anapole

Fall creates a multitude of beautiful colors. The leaves and trees getting ready for winter are pretty. Student enjoy watching the seasons change.

What makes autumn so grand

Fall is one of the most loved season of them all, and there are many reasons why that is so.
One reason is because of football. It is finally football season, and people spend Sundays watching their beloved teams. It is also a great time for fantasy football.
Sophomore Jessica Fehr said, “I love football. Even though the Bengal’s don’t do that well it’s still great to watch.”
Another reason is because of the new styles. It is time to layer up in order to stay warm, and that is appealing to students.
Senior Hayley Kennedy said, “I love fall. It’s the perfect time to wear my big sweatshirts and flannels.”
Finally, an event loved by all in the fall is Halloween. Children and adults alike all enjoy dressing up and going out to trick or treat.
Sophomore Jack Loon said, “I still trick or treat. Free candy is the best type!”

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