• No School - Spring Break - Mar.14 - Mar.18
  • No School - Spring Vacation Day - April 15
  • HS Theatre Spring Show - April 8-9
  • End of 3rd Quarter - Mar. 31
  • HS One Act Plays- April 13 at 7pm
  • No School - Prof. Development Day - April 25
The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Leaf

Caroline Bruns

Caroline Bruns, Webmaster

Hi, I'm Caroline Bruns and I'm a senior at Sycamore high school! I've been on the SHSLeaf Staff since sophomore year. After learning the tricks of the trade from some experienced mentors, I began to find my own way in this journalism class. Sophomore year I focused heavily on the website, learning how to embed external links, create and modify a website, and publish student works on our nationally recognized site. Junior year I held the position of Web Editor-in-chief. This year I am Webmaster. The job title is very cool, but it basically means that I oversee all publications and modifications on the website, as well as publishing works and communicating with WordPress representatives. If you scroll through my articles, you will see that I am an avid writer of sports (especially cross country); this is because I am the captain of the women's cross country team. Although I am usually an online writer, I have been published multiple times in our student newspaper, The Leaf, and our online news magazine, The Leaflet. I pride myself in my ability to use Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, and Photoshop to set up pages, edit photos, and create interesting media for our readers. In the future, I hope to study business and marketing. Eventually, I hope to become an international business representative or work for P&G. A few more things about myself... I am a member of NHS, an avid skier, a dog enthusiast, and a lover of Ernest Hemmingway. I am also a student council rep. for the senior class, and head of the StuCo social committee. Outside of school, I play rec soccer, hammock often with friends, and run. My favorite quote is, "The only time you can't find a four leaf clover is when you stop looking for one" - Joe Rantz.

All content by Caroline Bruns
POUR. Student Council students have been filling bottles for days, getting their hair, clothing and hands completely covered in the colorful dust. They started with red and yellow, then moved to blue and green for filling. “It was really fun to fill up the bottles. The one problem was that it was windy in the courtyard, so a lot of the dust blew into my hair and onto my clothes. Luckily, it’s all washable so I don’t really need to worry about it,” said Taylor Miller, 10.

Prepping for a Cause

March 29, 2017
 Cross country girls giggle their way to sports awards. They enjoy the company of their team one last official time. All the girls enjoyed the night.

Saying goodbye

December 20, 2016
Finding a present atop your desk can be extremely exciting. Many times, students will deliver them via friends or acquaintances so that the identity of the giver remains secret. Usually these gifts include food or games that can be utilized by the student.

Secret Santa brings cheer

December 15, 2016

Student spotlighting

December 7, 2016
 Runners work hard to stay fit. They participate in many after school runs and also stay active on the weekends. Each athlete is determined to improve.

Runners stay fit

April 13, 2016
The students had a large lunch. They all gathered to read poetry and enjoy company. All AP classes participated.

AP Language lunch

April 5, 2016

Academic Quiz Team

March 2, 2016
Snow facts

Snow facts

February 18, 2016
Twenty One Pilots and Walk the Moon draw large crowds. Both were sold out when they came to Cincinnati. This year, Twenty One Pilots will be coming to the U.S. Bank Arena on Tues., May 31, 2016; many Sycamore students will be in attendance.

Local bands make it big

February 5, 2016
Fast ski facts

Fast ski facts

January 25, 2016
Television is a very popular pass time. Now, Netflix is becoming more and more popular.  This influx can cause many issues.

TV affects brain, body

December 18, 2015
How to prepare for exams

How to prepare for exams

December 15, 2015
Sleep Stats

Sleep Stats

November 18, 2015
Not only are farms great for enjoys fall, but so are parks and the outdoors in general. As the leaves fall, animals are easy to spot. This weather change also is  a great time to have bonfires with friends.

October arises fall fun

October 13, 2015
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Caroline Bruns