Saying goodbye


Grace Anaple

Cross country girls giggle their way to sports awards. They enjoy the company of their team one last official time. All the girls enjoyed the night.

Caroline Bruns , Webmaster

Almost every fall sport season has come to a close, and with that comes a final ceremony to commemorate great seasons and award superior athletes. The ceremony lasts for about an hour and honors many athletes.
“Last year, I thought that the overall ceremony was really well put together and it honored a lot of athletes that I really thought deserved recognition. Also, each sport basically gets to show off their key players and it’s really emotional when you see your own teammates being honored. It makes me really happy,” said Shayna Kling, 10.
Each sports team also has a separate ceremony before or after the fall fall sports awards. In these ceremonies, coaches recognize outstanding athletes and give out honors to JV and Varsity players alike.
“The individual team sports awards are my favorite part. I love seeing my teammates after a few weeks of not having practice with them everyday. They are the same silly bunch of people and it’s the best,” said Lily Martinson, 11.
Coaches are also recognized at sports awards for their constant dedication to their team and their athletes, as well as great leadership throughout the season.
“I don’t know what our team would do without the coaches. They are really hard on us, but they’re fair. They know we can do what they ask us to, even if we complain about it,” said Stacy Lawrence, 9.
Overall, the night is filled with fun and friends. Teammates and coaches come together one last time before the students move on to new sports or clubs.