Local bands make it big


Caroline Bruns

Twenty One Pilots and Walk the Moon draw large crowds. Both were sold out when they came to Cincinnati. This year, Twenty One Pilots will be coming to the U.S. Bank Arena on Tues., May 31, 2016; many Sycamore students will be in attendance.

Ohio is the ultimate breeding ground of alternative bands who have recently been put into the spotlight. Two bands in particular that are becoming popular in modern day culture are Twenty One Pilots and Walk the Moon.

Walk the Moon is a local band, starting up in Cincinnati and slowly becoming more popular. They recently became a big name band after their song “Shut up and Dance” became a top hit on itunes and was played constantly on the radio.

The founder Nicholas Petricca grew up in Cincinnati and has made sure that the band stays true to her roots. They have made two music videos in Cincinnati, highlighting many of its most famous places, including the purple people bridge and fountain square.

Their music video “Ana Sun” was created before they made it big and has many people that grew up in Cincinnati and went to local high schools, such a Lasalle, featured in the video. Also, their cover for their album, Talking is Hard, was designed and produced by a local graphic designer that Petricca knew from high school.

Junior Clare Knife said, “Walk the Moon has such a high quality sound, and I love that they are from Cincinnati. They stay true to their roots and that’s really great, especially because they are a local band.”

Twenty One Pilots is an American alternative musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. The band was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.

One of their many popular songs is “Stressed Out.” Many students can relate to the dark yet hopeful meaning of their songs, which makes them very popular among teens.

The girls cross country team listened to Twenty One Pilots before and after each meet to pump themselves up before and after their races.

Sophomore Peyton Gilhart said, “I loved listening to Twenty One Pilots before races. It made me so happy and also calmed my nerves. It’s a tradition and I love it!”

These bands have become a staple of pop culture and still stay true to their roots. Each has a huge following in their home cities and in the sycamore community.