Sports awards coming soon


Grace Anaple

The cross country team and their seniors pose for a picture after a Friday morning practice. They are all wearing buckeye running shirt, skirts, jeans, long socks and sandals for their senior night. They wore this outfit throughout the entire school day.

Caroline Bruns, Webmaster

Sports awards are a night that athletes look forward to– a night to wear something other than a uniform and still be with the team. This year, sports awards will be occurring on Nov.10.

Junior Sophie Kramer said, “I’m excited because the whole gold team will come back for one last outing. I’m also really happy because we did so well at state.”

With each sport coming to a close, there is no wonder that the team members are excited to be together for a final goodbye to the season.

Sophomore Jessica Fehr said, “I’m really excited to get to see my team again and to thank the coaches for all they did for us this year. I can’t wait!”

The teams also plan to reminisce the season and possibly hand out other awards to team members who may not be mentioned during the sports awards.

Fehr said, “I know that on the night of sports awards, our team has a long video that we watch right before the awards start. It’s great because I get to see all the great memories that I share with my teammates, and I know I’ll get really emotional when I realize this is really the end of seeing these people everyday.”

Although sports awards is known to be great fun, it also is a time for saying last goodbyes to the season and the team.