Students build wall…of love


Stephanie Mather

Many days after school, many students have been staying to create powerful posters that promote love and acceptance. They used sources such a pinterest, google, and their own creativity to come up with their posters. Many other students have become interested in joining the movement and filling the school with love; there may be a club created to do just that.

With the election coming to a final close, it has become abundantly clear that Donald Drumpf has become our new president. With uproars engulfing the country, students have found a need to spread a message of acceptance and positivity throughout the school.

“I really like the posters. They bring up great points about loving everyone and not discriminating. It was awesome!” said Jade Stella, 9.

The creators of this powerful wall were people who could feel a lot of negativity radiating from social media and the mouths of some classmates. Shocked by the hate, they began contemplating a way to reduce negativity and remind their school to focus on love.

With that in mind, the group of students went to work painting, drawing and sketching their feelings onto construction paper.

“This was a group of people coming together and lifting each other, and others up. The wall stands for equality and you can definitely see what Sycamore stands for in it,” said Sarita Evans, 12.

With approval from administration, the papers of peace were hung by the physics hallway in a collage style. The creators chose this spot because that is one of the most visible spots in the school, and a lot of students pass that area every day.

“We like to say it’s a wall of empowerment, of safety, and unity. We want others who woke up on November 9th in their worst nightmare to not be scared, that sycamore is welcoming, loving environment,” said Evans.

The greatest asset we have is each other, and by supporting those around you in times of trouble is very important. Although there has been some controversy surrounding the wall, it has overall made a positive effect on the student body and atmosphere of the school.