Track conditioning leaves students sore


Caroline Bruns

There are many events to participate in for track. Not all events involve running. Many other events have to do with strength, aerodynamics, and jumping.

Warmer weather is on the way and with it comes the start of spring track. Students thinking to participate in this spring season have begun to condition for the week ahead. The week of March 7 is the first official week of track.

Senior Sophia Wiedmann said, “I haven’t done track before, but because it’s my senior year, I decided to try it. Even if I’m not the fastest, I’m definitely excited to get into shape and test my physical abilities.”

During these days of conditioning, the coaches are keeping a close eye on the runners. They are hoping to find the perfect event for each athlete to participate in. Scoring at meets is calculated by ranking athletes in the top ten.

Sophomore Jodie Lawson said, “Winter track just ended, and I’m really excited to get into spring track. It will be a nice change.”

Winter track has ended for many people, but athletes are beginning to get ready for the state tournament on March 5. They will be competing against up to 100 schools at this race.

Junior Jessica Wocks said, “I loved winter track, even though it was pretty stressful. It’s a great way to stay in shape before the spring sports season comes up.”

Track athletes are hoping to use this week before the official start of track season to get back into the groove of things and become better runners. They are looking forward to the season and hopefully many titles to come.