Pros, cons of being student at SHS

There are positives and negatives to being a student at SHS. Both lead to the overall experience fo school. Students can share how they feel about it.

Caroline Bruns

There are positives and negatives to being a student at SHS. Both lead to the overall experience fo school. Students can share how they feel about it.


Education- We are fortunate with the classes our school can develop and support. For example, we have an in-school mentoring program. There are many opportunities for higher learning, including advanced placement (AP) programs. There are also many hands-on electives that teach 21st century skills.

Diversity- SHS has a diverse culture. Without culture diversity in schools, it would be challenging to adapt to the real world, and you would miss out on hearing first hand experiences about other people’s cultures.

Sports- There are 46 different sports teams at SHS. Our school is lucky enough to be able to have great coaches and places to practice and improve.

Clubs- SHS has a club for everyone. If you are interested in any particular subject, there is bound to be a club that will fit your interests, and people who have similar interests. Clubs are a great way to get out there and have a fun time while doing something you enjoy.

School spirit- With the addition of our new principal Doug Mader, the student body has rejuvenated. Mader has brought back to life many prohibited events. With the introduction of new events such as flight song Friday or the drum line send off, the student body has gained spirit in their school. Also, attending sporting events and dances can increase your school pride.

Junior Chloe Bradley said, “Homecoming is definitely a pro to high school. You get to dance and have fun with your friends. It’s nothing like the eighth grade dance.”


Large class sizes- Although some may see this as a social pro, I see it as a con. With larger class sizes, there is less time for individualized learning. Although the teacher may be able to help you, it can be difficult to try to reach everyone in the large class. Individualized learning allows students and teachers to find a way to learn successfully, and with larger classes you may lose the chance to connect with your teacher on a higher mental level.

Loss of a sense of “community”- With the large class sizes it is definitely a challenge to try to meet everyone in your class and remember them. Also, everyone has different interests, different courses, and different schedules. There will be people you may never have a class with. When it comes time for graduation, people in your grade may be strangers.

Unrealistic Views- Many shiny eyed, freshman students walk into the doors of high school on the first day to think that high school is just like it is on TV. Luckily, the truth becomes evident quickly. High school is not all fun and games. Studies get harder, and your class load increases.

Junior Madelyn Heldman said, “I thought high school would be just like the movies and on TV, but I was wrong.”