Running Club sprints through cold weather


Caroline Bruns

Runners cool down from a mile workout. The rain made the run a little more acceptable. Each runner tried to stay with a group or other person in order to push themselves.

Caroline Bruns, Webmaster

Students often ask what runners do during their off season. Their answer: run some more. In order to stay fit, it is important to stay active during the off season. Cross country runners joined this club to maintain the base that they built during the season.

Sophomore Lily Martinson said, “I don’t go everyday, but I do try to go to Running Club as much as I can. It’s a lot of fun and I still get to run with some of my friends from cross country.”

Greg Pottebaum is the teacher who supervises Running Club. He is one of the cross country coaches and is willing to help the girls stay fit. If they want to train for a race, he will create a workout and run schedule for them.

Freshman Maddie Weiss said, “Sometimes when I go to Running Club, I will try to complete a workout. Occasionally Pottebaum will give me suggestions about what I should do like strides.”

The club is open to any student, but it is mainly cross country runners. There are some non-runners who occasionally come to run with friends and exercise while having a good time.

Running is very beneficial for all students and there is always room for another pair of shoes on the road.